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Poster: Abonic Date: Mar 6, 2007 12:26am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: You missed the point

All of you are missing the point. You don’t seem to know what an archive is. Try to think of the Internet Archive as an electronic library. It is not an international bulletin board for transitory ideas, but a permanent, well organised storehouse. We, as users of the library, are allowed to peruse the contents, and even make our own contributions to the library to add to the storehouse.
But, like any library, the Archive must have rules or it becomes a junk pile.
You can’t walk into a library and put any kind of books on the shelf that you want.
I’m all for free speech, but there are limits.
What if I posted a video called “KILL GLENN”, and urged the viewers to take a video of them killing Glenn so they could post it on the Archive?
Also included would be plans how to make the bomb to kill Glenn, and maybe even a reward.
Should that “KILL GLENN” video be allowed on the Archive in the name of free speech? Of course not. That isn’t free speech, it’s a crime.
How about Porn? If Glenn uploaded a whole bunch of child porn to the archive is that okay? No; that is a crime.
Maybe I should start an internet heroin and cocaine store and post videos of the drugs on the Archive with no descriptions at all, just secret numbers, then link them to my webpage.
Why do think the jihadis are using the Archive to post all their crap instead of buying their own equipment?
1. Terrorists are cheap
2. Their posts are untraceable

This issue isn’t about politics. I think Bush is a war criminal and the biggest terrorist in the world, who should be in prison. I don’t want him and his goons flooding the Archive with his lying bullshit either.
I’m talking about preserving the integrity and great original mission of the Archive, and I hate to see it ruined by a bunch of criminals who don’t give a damn.

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Poster: LordOfTheExacto Date: Mar 6, 2007 12:41pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: You missed the point

I don't think we missed the point. The problem exists; nobody's denying that. These videos are not only reprehensible, but they're also clutter. But shutting down the Archive over it would be swatting a fly with a sledgehammer.

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Poster: jonc Date: Mar 7, 2007 9:56am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: You missed the point

I understand your feeling, but the Web is a place for _all_ ideas and information (or misinformation). We will disagree or be offended by much of it, but we can't regulate it. The Archive also contains wartime propaganda and "exploitation" videos. That's not to liken the Americans to the Jihadists, but there's plenty to go around.

The Archive does have rules, but they can't review all content as it comes in. It just isn't practical with the volume that pours in. It would not be possible to trace the source or intentions. They might make the process more difficult to discourage multiple downloads, but that would affect everybody.

The best you can do is your own education campaign. Telephone Toughguys reviews get a little crude, but they get his feelings across. Perhaps a website criticizing the Jihadist movement?